Monday, July 26, 2010

Custom Color Tags in emerald.... Yuck

today I went to a club, and I saw a bunch of emerald users, an LGG Proxy(malicious viewer) user, a couple imprudence users a few sl2.0 users .... or did I?

actually everyone there was Emerald users with the exception of some 2.0 users.... apparently now you can set the color your name tag appears to other emerald users, after they established a color coded system where viewers could be identified by the color of name-tag, I'm used to malicious viewers being marked red, there was a guy at the club with his name marked red cause he set a custom color with his viewer, I don't like this. So far since I've started using emerald since my ex-mate tugged me into it with the introduction of boob jiggle version1.23.5.950? and so far, in all my time here, and I get around, I've only seen one Malicious viewer, and one unknown which brings me to a question. does anybody out there know what Moymix is? I googled it and cant find any useful information, one person seems to suspect its a viewer that allows free uploads, I dunno, but I remember seeing it marked in pink, much like viewer 2.0 is before this custom color tagging, aside from that Ive seen a viewer marked "LGG Proxy" one time a while back(googling it revealed it was a malicious viewer) and it was marked as red, so I'm used to the idea of red meaning its a bad viewer. now since people can set their tags to red on their own, I'm kinda thrown way off.

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  1. LGG Proxy is not a malicious client. It's currently used both by PAR and by the Emergence viewer. Both of these are legitimate and not copybot!

    Occasionally bad people impersonate a good viewer, don't be fooled!