Thursday, March 8, 2012


Got a couple of articles I plan on doing soon regarding a couple issues on the grid but until then.....

Recently there has been a scam going on, I heard rumors of it and a very specific URL, but theres always some sort of scam going, but however I hadn't even realized how big this one had gotten until a friend of mine got hit by it!...and had their account hijacked.

anyhow a scammer or group of scammers have recently been using free web-hosting websites that get you a free webpage, their URL is designed to be disguised as secondlife marketplace by cramming "secondlifemarketplacee" where you normally see the www, in a URL followed by the URL of the webhosting service such as with various address extensions.

Anyhow not only are they trying to get you to login to their website using your secondlife login and password, but they are harvesting passwords too and logging into the accounts of those whom they have hijacked the accounts of and asking people to do stuff like look at a specific item and not say what it is, but its like ooh you gotta login and see this!... the problem is their messaging people in the friends list of the hijacked account, so messaging from people you may trust! so if the URL looks suspicious but it came from a friend... chances are your friends had their account hijacked and have fallen for this scam... don't fall for it too.

Anyhow safety first before clicking any sort of link on secondlife, emails, or chat applications, you should always look to see where the URL goes too... you should also be familiar with what websites linden labs officially uses for secondlife, last I checked, was not one of them

Anyhow secondlife marketplace is located at if the Main URL varies any from that chances are its a scammer trying to harvest data and it might not be your friend logged into that account!

A similar article is on SLNewser which I encourage readers of this post to read as well as I really feel the incidents are directly related:

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