Wednesday, April 18, 2012

VooDoo Acts on its threats to harass greenzone users!

Well it would appear that Monkey Wonder the creator of VooDoo anti-bot has acted on his threats to harass and defame the greenzone discussion group, earlier today upon signing into secondlife the greenzone group was discussing the latest action and group notice... I made a brief inquiry as to where the information came from and was informed it was a Group notice, in the group "VooDoo Anti Bot" which is open to free enrollment, which I joined briefly and viewed the back Notices, I found 3 notices for today... two of which pertained to the issue and appeared related to the threats and appear to reflect VooDoo's creator acting on his very threats.

The Group Notices are as follows:

Notice1:Voodoo Tracker HUD2.5

New tracker HUD is available FREE from vendors and Marketplace.

NEW Sploder player personal status & rank information button in the menu.

NEW Griefer early warning system.


Announcement :

New Voodoo Tracker Hud 2.5 is now available in our main store --->

and on Marketplace as well --->

***New sploder player personal status & rank information button in the menu.

***New griefer early warning system.

Enjoy & have fun,
Voodoo Team.

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  1. Well I guess he wants to see how many AR's it takes before the Lab decides to take some action. Although I actually doubt many will be seeing these warnings as a lot of people I have talked to usually say things along the lines of 'Whats Voodoo?' and many GZ members also mention that they have rarely, if at all, have ran across any of his products out and about.