Thursday, April 19, 2012

VooDoo Publishes their blacklist

Today voodoo has published a blacklist of people they have deemed griefers, upon finding this blacklist I took a copy for record keeping reasons, this is a list of people their HUD will act against in the threats they made, not only am I on the list for sitting quiet in the greenzone group listening to discussions.... but also a reporter whom I passed the story along too who ended up on the list just for trying to get both sides of the story. Despite having interviewed Monkey Wonder Directly and having made their intention known through the interview no exclusion was made... to make matters worse, the page declares that this will be further integrated into their other products, so not only will their HUD systems be slandering members of a target group... so will the rest of their products eventually!

taken from the page excluding the List currently at time of the posting of this article(their page is subject to change but this is what is currently there):

Start of taken from

"""Some groups in Second Life exist only to attack and cause innocent people grief. At Voodoo we believe this behaviour is wrong and are taking steps to expose and limit the problem.

Our FREE Voodoo Tracker HUD has a new advanced griefer early warning system, which will scan the area and warn you if the land is owned by a member of these griefer groups, if one of them is nearby or there are any objects around you created by them. Get the HUD now and spot trouble early!

The griefer blacklist will be slowly integrated into other Voodoo products to maximise your security, and more griefing groups will be blacklisted as we investigate them.

If you find your name on a list below, it is because you belong to a group known for attacking people. Voodoo staff cannot remove you from our database, but our data is updated every 24 hours, so you will be removed automatically if you no longer belong to the offending group.
GreenZone Griefer Group

"Green Zone Users" Group in Second Life was created by Fart Admiral several years ago in an effort to protest against the Red Zone security system. Since the demise of Red Zone long ago, the group is used as an umbrella group for anyone wishing to attack others. The members of this group have repeatedly proven they will use any griefing tactic that comes to mind to achieve their agenda. """

End of message from

as we can see here its based on an automated system that adds and removes people from a list which is essentially updated by a bot(there aren't LSL calls that I'm aware of which gets lists of group membership)... and you can remove yourself from the list simply by leaving which if your really are a griefer your going to do anyways and be able to dodge around this system just like that(so common sense should of dictated to voodoo's creator this don't work, but obviously its more about an agenda so its more an "I don't care this wont stop an actual griefer, but it looks good for us" mentality much like zFire had)... So as we can see here... voodoo has officially gone from declaring themselves to protect you from bots.... to going on the attack against groups with the use of a bot, and this is simply an attack against a group of people designed to dissolve that group rather than protect innocents as its creator claims.

but remember the threats from voodoo? one of the points I had emphasized was that this individual was knowingly on the attack to damage legitimate SL businesses... the page starts off "Some groups in Second Life exist only to attack and cause innocent people grief. At Voodoo we believe this behaviour is wrong and are taking steps to expose and limit the problem." which is certainly a change in tone from the threat I as many others had received which included a line such as "We do however understand that there is a minority of legitimate business owners currently in the griefing group," where as voodoo had acknowledged that they knew of actual legitimate businesses that operate and have membership in the greenzone group... obviously its doubletalk... send a strong threat to a discussion group while slandering it as a griefing group... and put on a false sense of professionalism for your customers... obviously with the text from the threat... VooDoo committed this attack against the group knowing they would cause harm to innocents involved yet they claim to be protecting them....

Obviously Monkey Wonder the person that runs VooDoo has a very poor sense of right and wrong.... its right so long as he can profit off of the sploders.... and the so called free tracker HUD that directs their customers to the sploders... while slandering and libeling innocent people on the side.

Also making mass gridwide banlists really isn't an honest attempt at dealing with the griefer problem... the sims I hang around when we get griefer trouble it's either Hijacked accounts that don't last long carrying out attacks or new accounts which were created for the sole purpose of such, which usually promptly become known and banned in the target places. given as such griefing is generally a one shot deal per account the accounts being throw aways... a list of long term users is not about stopping griefing, its about an agenda and a vendetta against a discussion group.

Given these actions are obviously a vendetta comparing what is currently on his site, to the threats he sent out to the group, you can obviously see these are emotionally charged actions and are about carrying out an attack rather than solving a problem, if your a user of a voodoo product and reading this with concern and an open mind rather than bias, I encourage you to read my previous articles regarding VooDoo, and ask yourself if you really can trust the creator of this product having added new features solely for carrying out a personal vendetta. I especially encourage you to examine and compare what he wrote on his product page(whats currently there at time of this posting copied and pasted above) to the threatening blackmail notecard he sent to everyone in this group(published in VooDoo Blackmails Greenzone users)... Also if you believe the threat is something I made up to defame the product then please by all Means confirm it, Afterall the threat he sent out he sent out via an automatic notecard giver to every member of the group so it should be easy to inquire with several members of the group, and get several exact same copies of the threat Monkey Wonder of VooDoo has sent out thus making this extremely easy to verify for yourself.

I am not a griefer.... but will likely stay on this slanderous list of accused griefers, as I would rather remain in the discussion group to further hear the talks of privacy issues and any new upcomming issues within SL than back down to the blackmail threats and criminal actions of this cyber-terrorist.


  1. As a 4 year member of the SL Community I've seen stuff come and go. I've seen and been banned from a sim because the sim owner didn't like someone. To which I says: Owner's playground, owner's decision.
    But the Scale of this Slander is ludicrous.
    I've Abuse reported the letter and then the publication of the list. I've never grieved someone and take time to help new people. I simply can not fathom this level of vindictive blackmailing.

  2. I have compiled my personal analysis of the Voodoo products for all to read, and I do think they are breaking (or at least skirting a break of) ToS.
    The actions of the individual Monkey Wonder are beyond all hope just criminal, nowadays.

    Thanks for spreading the news!

    1. Thanks for the comment about your blog, I checked it out and found it to be a good read, and it goes to show the history of the issue... Monkey Wonder retaliating for having his violation of the CS pointed out...

      Given this I would like my other readers to have a read through here:

      while im providing URL's another good read on a recent investigation of VooDoo is here: