Tuesday, July 31, 2012

User looking for Users who have info Compromised by VooDoo

[2012/07/30 18:33]  Cyborg Renfold: just that it would be appreciated that people who have had two or more avatars exposed show contact
[2012/07/30 18:33]  Treminari Huet: I adhere to the ToS and need a snippit that I can quote
[2012/07/30 18:34]  Treminari Huet: roger that, may I quote that?
[2012/07/30 18:34]  Cyborg Renfold: yes

Just a quick post this morning, it seems Cyborg Renfold is is looking for those who have had their personal information exposed or compromised by VooDoo, this includes Alternate Accounts, Personal information, Real life information, or anything that can be used to link any of that together with information you didn't volunteer to VooDoo. He was asking about for this information in the group "Greenzone Users" last night. While not someone I know in SL personally I thought it would be good to let my readers know he was looking in the group to get in contact with those who have had their information compromised.

If you feel any of your information has been Compromised by "VooDoo SL." "Monkey Wonder.", or any employee of them I just felt you should know that Cyborg Renfold is looking to get in contact with you regarding the exposure of your info. If you had your personal information compromised in any way by VooDoo or any of its subordinates and would like to know more please contact Cyborg Renfold.


  1. That's a good idea, but I think is useless, I'm afraid. Linden Lab will do nothing, they have showed it already. That guy has broken Terms of Service repeatedly, LL knows it and does nothing. To add proves of another ToS break will be useless.

  2. Not my Idea, but I don't believe it's completely useless, unfortunately I can't say much more about it, as this pertains to another user attempting to take action.

    What I can say though, is that apparently after they asked about in the group chat they received a bunch of notecard spam from Monkey Wonder, to cover up any messages by capping their offliners.