Saturday, December 1, 2012

Break In attempt

Sorry Long time no update,

Recently there was an attempt to compromise my google account which I was recently notified of, supposedly the attack originated from Hefei, Anhui, China ( but I am investigating further at the moment I suspect the source of the attack may be a proxy server or part of a botnet, unfortunately the notice was not very detailed and did not include number of login attempts that day nor how many locations just that was the attempt that was blocked, so I dont know if my password was guessed in 1 shot or over some time. All I know is login was prevented because googles geo location service detected the login being attempted from an unusual location.

Regardless the compromise attempt while I don't update often I suspect the target may have been this blog.

To others who run a blog similar to this one I suggest updating your password to something more complex just as I have done, I tend to vary passwords between services so it's only the password for my google account that had been compromised that I know of, however unfortunately the warning about the break in attempt did not include number of failed attempts from that source or number of attacks committed in a day, so its difficult to tell if my password was compromised via a "brute force" login attempt or via spyware, either way im taking precautions against both.

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