Saturday, July 24, 2010

Item Discussion for zf Redzone Censored

So Today I was filing my usual reports against the zf redzone system visited the xstreet page and of course got the stupid message saying a report already exists for this item, also filed an AR against its location in vsevolod, but I noticed something, every negative comment about it in the Item discussion has been deleted, last I checked it was 103 posts now whittled down to 72 posts, obviously there's a lot of negative to be said about it. I don't know whether the Lindens deleted the comments due to complaint of the seller, or if the seller decided to go back and delete them, I haven't used xstreet in forever so I don't know if you can moderate your item discussion, but it sure seems like to me the creator wants to censor every little bit that says what he is doing violates the ToS and is illegal, so with that his replies against the users should stand on their own if not the case, but why would he need to delete it? obviously someone hit the nail right on the head, probably he had the comments deleted because they can be used to show that he is in knowledgeable violation of BPC22575-22579. either way I'm going to continue to report this to the Lindens, as his utility is a serious threat to those who have multiple accounts regardless of reason for those, and as with found with the previous statement and comments, those who compile their own viewer(so most the developer community)

you can see the item discussion here:

Take notice to all the gaps in the conversation


  1. everytime you use a forum, your IP gets logged.
    everytime you browse a website, your IP gets logged.
    It is not a violation of privacy.

  2. lol and the comment needs to be aproved I wonder why!!

  3. You haven't read any of the previous posts in the blog, where it is a privacy violation is explained in detail, It's not the logging of IP thats the violation of privacy, its the act of using secondlifes media system to make users visit the website unknowingly for the purpose of collecting user info, as with anything else on the web you can elect to avoid the service such as forums and websites if you don't agree with their practices, such as I choose not to visit the isellSL website and discuss this on their forums, also It's the compiling and revelation of additional information user alts thats a violation of the privacy.

    BPC22575-22579 prohibits zf redzones method of information collection, and prohibits what is done with that information, also other privacy laws do the same thing, It's why a lot of websites now days, have a link to their privacy policy on the home page, so you have an opportunity to view, disagree or agree, and browse elsewhere before collection.

    Also if any of these forums you refer to, are revealing more information about you than you've chosen to make public, and have not declared so in their privacy policy preceding the collection of that information, then their in violation of your privacy.

    zf redzone, must and fails to Present their privacy policy preceding collection, and also fails to have a privacy policy that falls within the legal bounds of what you can do, and the privacy policy is not accurate to that which it collects.

    also in response to you, comment moderation was turned on to limit what trolls can post, otherwise comments here would be filled with spam, and it is obvious viewing your profile that you are one of these so named trolls, who just signed up to blogger to leave negative comments in reply to those who post against redzone, shame on you.