Thursday, February 10, 2011

A couple Jira topics In Need of votes

Well theres a Jira topic that suggests fixing the issue that allows redzone to happen and yet another Jira topic suggesting we get rid of zf redzone, you can view and vote for both topics here:

I noticed these both on the greenzone mouthpiece blog which you can view here:

anyhow In the topic suggesting a ban of redzone if you view the comments section you can see oz linden commenting that this is not a viewer issue and should be dealt with support, as we all know support only passes the buck after a week or two if they even get to you at all and sais file an AR where it is promptly ignored, I've filed several notifying LL of zfire xue's illegal activity, but oz linden didn't stop there, he even went as far as to threaten to revoke a Users Jira privileges because supposedly this is not a viewer issue, even though this is related to a security hole in the viewers media functionality

"Oz Linden added a comment - 08/Feb/11 12:54 PM
Regardless... this is still not a viewer issue.
If you reopen this here, your Jira privileges will be revoked."

given the extended time Linden Labs has not responded to the privacy violation issues and the stance a Linden has taken and the number of notices they have ignored regarding the illegal activity taking place on their servers, and numerous ignored abuse reports from me and many other secondlife users, it might be a good idea to start taking our complaints outside of secondlife and to organizations such as the FTC, IC3, BBB, and filing the complaints against Linden Labs itself, as redzone is not the only privacy violating tool on secondlife, I hear a system called CDS does the same thing as redzone and yet another system cropped up that does the same thing I found myself called quickware alts pro, if you know of another organization that handles such criminal activity inside or outside the US that might handle such complaints, other privacy laws these illegal tools violate inside or outside the US(like BPC22575-22579), feel free to leave a comment get it some mention and perhaps get this bad situation dealt with

Edit:Found an additional Jira article that addresses this issue:

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