Saturday, February 5, 2011

Greenzone a counter Product to Redzone

Well over a week ago I came across a tool called greenzone on secondlife marketplace:

now at:

anyhow at first I found it only provided a false sense of security with version 1.8, however I recently attached the tool and it sent an update to version 2.1 its now something I can recommend as I tested it and it seems to work great!

version 1.8 of greenzone had a major flaw, it could only detect redzone orbs within 96m and most users hide theirs high up in the sky and way out of the users reach, this could be a serious problem if your relying on this for security. as it would be likely that redzone spyware would detect a user before the user detected it. this limitation could compromise user security by giving a false sense of security, version 2.1 is much much better, I visited a sim that I knew had the redzone orb that I used to frequent called balcones which hosts the "extreme fetishists club", they have a redzone orb in plain view behind the bar counter of their club, I flew up to about 900m and the greenzone HUD attachment was still alerting me to the presence of a redzone orb.

while the script contained in the tool is no modify which makes me wonder how it works and whether or not its reliable enough to depend on for security(i still would recommend keeping media functionality disabled in your viewer) it does have a much higher chance of alerting you to zfire xues continued illegal activity and ToS violations in secondlife, and better yet, their transferable and copyable, I recommend picking one up from secondlife marketplace if you absolutely must use the media functions in your viewer time to time.

EDIT:forgot to mention theres another blog that lists discovered redzone privacy violations.
you can find it here:

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