Monday, February 14, 2011

Geo Location and beyond

Well we all know what geo-location is.... but thats an assumption, so I will explain it in brief, its a Process of tracking a packet across the Internet and reading the information on Internet routers in order to see where the packet goes, this process can locate city and state a user lives in, but may be inaccurate as far as city goes and may identify a city nearby, for example running a Geo Location service against me, would identify me as a user from Victorville California, While not from Victorville, It's so to say only a stones throw away from me, as we know zfire xue with their redzone product goes as far as to use Geo Location against a user, Well many ISP's have hoped to bring advertising to users to a more local level, not just simply ad's like" burn baby burn" for CD Burning software anyone can order, or "Hot girls in Victorville are looking for you" for a town that is likely the users residence or close by, but bringing users ad's for their local Grocery store or the like, Well some ISP's have figured out a way to share enough information to bring users more localized ad's in their web browsing experience, so that they could get a cut of the advertising revenue, while normally I provide links to news sites I've read and whatnot I feel it would be best to leave out this in the case of this blog article is read by privacy violators, however I would like to note, that if your ISP is involved in this advertising program or one of its affiliates, it is possible through HTTP requests such as those used by secondlifes media that an advertiser, or somebody wishing to violate privacy such as Redzone to obtain more detailed information. However unfortunately as it appears such privacy violating systems does not use such info(it would be more accurate than using an IP address as redzone does) I wont name or explain this system in detail or at all for that matter, however, I will say this much, I emailed a Linden involved with Linden Labs security the same article I read for their viewing and told them what Jira articles it related to VWR-21305, VWR-24746, and VWR-17044 and described to them why this is such a threat to users, to give an Idea as to how accurate this information is, where as I said Victorville is a stones throw from my home, the information revealed by ISP's involved in this advertising program can put someone within a half hours walking distance of my home, and also allow such privacy violators to know exactly the very post office I visit!

Anyhow, I would like to apologize for the lack of detail in this blogpost, and the lack of my usual transparency where I Provide links to my information sources, but I'm trying to avoid giving instructions as to how to do this, how to use this information, and avoid providing a means to see how, the only person I've told in Full Detail the potential nastiness for this exploit is the particular Linden I emailed, but I thought I would say the potential violation of privacy with this issue, again I apologize for the sloppy writing but its difficult when ommitting potentially abusable details.

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