Friday, March 18, 2011

Redzone 4 life group

Well it appears zfire xue slipped an alt by the lindens ban against him found a group titled "Redzone4Life" ran by a new account that goes by the name "Redzone4Life resident"

did a search on the group when I heard about it and in the group info it sais:

"Silently we stand in protest to the lie and accusation of Greenzone and their cyber terrorist ways of griefing sims, making sim owners lose business.. TOS VIOLATION!! PRIVACY INVASION!!"

the group barely has any membership, but I think the above wording sounds familiar, given that looking at the patterns and their writing style I think its pretty damned obvious who it is, and then the further spouting of false bullshit makes it even more obvious.

They accuse us of being cyber terrorists but, their the one that made the system that hunts down users and bans those they deem as undesirables falsely as copybot users and mass bans users with shared service such as college users and those from the UAE, and post up websites like the knights of mars website mentioned in a previous post which specializes in account intrusion and cancellation, ToS violation? were not the ones violating section 8.3 of the ToS which sais not to post spyware to the system, also a privacy violation? again were not the ones posting spyware.

and further on as their group states in itself... nuff said

This zf redzone stuff is full of shit and way out of hand and needs to go away, and as we can see zFire Xue is just simply banned from the system where he can go on to create new accounts, again the person behind redzone needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent so again like in the previous post, I encourage you people to file a complaint against him with the IC3

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