Wednesday, March 16, 2011

zfire xue gone from secondlife, how you can help keep him away!

not trying to take credit for zfire xues removal but this Tuesday he was removed, the Monday morning before I had filed a complaint with IC3(FBI's Internet crime complaints division) and had cited my own blog and some of the other blogs which gave details on his various violations against your privacy, with this as I would like to give special thanks to no2redzone, greenzone mouthpiece, forceme silverspar, and the many others who protested against these privacy violations sold under the guise of being a security system.

with that said I know its kinda beating a dead horse... but best to make sure its dead, I've decided even though the Lindens have removed zFire Xue, I'm not going to rescind my complaint with the IC3 in case it hasn't been seen, as a matter of fact it might be a good idea to file your own complaints against zfire xue as well and leave your blogs up with the evidence against him they contain, what he did was a pretty serious crime in the first place, and the more info that came out the more serious it obviously was, I'm hoping his removal was FBI crackdown, and I'm hoping he does some jail-time for this(it would certainly keep him out of the hair of the secondlife community for a while), but with the lindens keeping quiet on his removal there is no way to be sure exactly who made the final decision to kick him out the door and what evidence it was that lead to his downfall.

Also thanks to no2redzone blog and others we know he has a criminal record for fraud over ebay... no doubt zfire will be back at it again if he isn't locked up, so even though hes gone, I encourage those who have detailed knowledge of his criminal activity.... file a complaint and help keep him away!

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  1. ...because the last thing we need are Zombie Horses!

    Seriously though, thank you Tremi for keeping us informed on this scam artist.