Friday, March 4, 2011

zfires other terms and privacy violations

Well Redzone disappeared from marketplace... and re-appeared again only to be taken down for further violations, anyhow a friend of mine bixyl who normally doesn't cover redzone covered it in his own blog and did quite a good story on it which you can find in the URL below for further reading:

Anyhow as a response to the removal zfire started a online survey at:

It started off with public access and public view and started off with the below statement:

"""Welcome ,
We would like to ask you for your opinion, ideas and support.
In an effort to show Linden Labs Inc that security matters, and paying customers have a right to security,
Please fill out this surrvy for information that will be shared with Linden Labs.
Our goal is to show LL what is stands to gain from Tier paying creators, rather then a group of griefers and crimnals with something to hide.
We will do it without the cagers, orbiters, deformers, particles, harassment, DDOS, false ARs, hate blog lists, and IM spammers used by Greenzone.
We will display how much Linden Labs stands to gain by listening to Content Creators and paying users who demand security!
So check back later for real time results!"""

I found out about this survey because aside from it spamming all the owners of his illegal product to take the survey, some of the owners of the redzone device even went as far as to spam the group "green zone users", anyhow as per usual yet again, I filed yet another AR against zfire xue, this time for defaming individuals and groups, as he makes the false accusation that those who aren't users of his product are criminals. and if you've seen the previous posts in my blog you know hes in violation of privacy laws, so really who is the criminal? well checked back up on that to get a copy of it for todays blog post, found out I had to get a copy of it from my chat history from someone else I showed the statement to, as the survey is closed to only access of redzone users now, I guess he wasn't getting the results he wanted so he needed to close it off from the public, but really lets take a look at something else, remember when emerald viewer got banned? they got just one single chance to correct their activity, and they were then banned. for those who are new to SL and just tuning in Emerald is a viewer, that was previously used to commit DDoS attacks against a website, that also contained a driver that was licensed solely to Linden Labs use, and some members of their team engaged in privacy violating activity much like redzone does, by using their sims parcel media to link avatar alts together... so really I wonder... why is someone whos violating user privacy, and griefing those who dont scan correctly in his redzone system getting so many extra chances, and not outright banned from secondlife? his violations of privacy aren't just a single sim like the emerald team did, but rather violates privacy across several parcels and sims and links across many sims. but why does this guy get so many chances? It's a bunch of bull if you ask me, he really should be banned as he has violated user privacy in secondlife on a larger scale than anyone else.

but browsing theBoris Gothly's Secondlife Marketplace listings, the sales associate of zfire Xue I see other item listings which are quite questionable such as "Ring of Burning Death" which orbits people intentionally or ejects them from the sim leaving a burning pile of screaming bones in place of the user, I thought extremely violent items were supposed to be marked as adult and those specific for griefing weren't supposed to be listed at all. Also there is the zf 1911 pistol, yet another extremely violent weapon which turns users into a screaming bleeding mass of bones, yet again, not flagged as adult. There is also the logo for the Sit Script builder, Does anyone know who the copyright holder is for the art used to advertise it on secondlife marketplace? I really doubt the person using it is one in the same. Also Last but not least there is Also zFire Full Sim Scanner with features like quoted from the ad "Orbit (2 types, Nasty or Evil LOL) " , "Expando Foam! Lag Causing cage sphere! ", and "Full Sim Intercom! " you might not think full sim intercom is so bad, but really it goes both ways and is more like a chat spy, while I don't own one of these myself, zfire yet again, has the gall to advertise his illegal activities within secondlife. viewing the screenshots there is a picture of it in action displaying chat of remote avatars in hovertext with quotes such as "cant have a peepshow without popcorn!"

anyhow heres the screenshot here, I dunno whether links to secondlife marketplace product pictures are temporary or persistent but currently at time of posting you can view the snapshot here:

if not the product listing is here where you can click the screenshot and see the further privacy violation in action:

It's the screenshot with the red text that sais "watch everything"

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